Have you ever fought for something that you really want. Something that makes you wake up with full energy everyday, makes your life so colorful, puts a smile upon your face, it’s like everything that you need more than anything. No.. you don’t even need any single thing, cause you already have that thing.

You know clearly how it is so hard to be chased, but you don’t care. You just believe that someday you will be able to hold it, touch it, have it. You know how you will feel the pain of chasing it. You know exactly what the barriers that will make troubles to your path. You know everything. But again, you don’t care. Only one thing that you bearly keep in your mind and heart, that you are for it. Continue reading

Jokowi’s “Blusukan” Cost

A lot of media nowadays makes an extra view of this topic. “Blusukan” which we can say as “surveying to the field,” the system that Jakarta’s governor does to know direct situation for many problems in Jakarta town.

This is not a new thing in leadership and managing the town problem. In early era of Indonesia independent, our first President, Ir. Soekarno had always done this way to find the true problem in many cities and take a direct solution. Also, many governor or town major nowadays do this way. But, it looks different with Jokowi. He has his own unique way in his “blusukan.”

This leader does attract directly to the people and ask for what they want just like a friend. Different with many other leaders who are very exclusive and untouchable by people, Jokowi shows himself as “a usual person” same as them. This makes many people love him and like his leadership way. Sometimes he also does a strange thing in his “Blusukan” activity. He doesn’t fear to go down to the dirty ditch to know the actual condition. He walks on a flood area casually and don’t think about the dirt he will get. Continue reading

Contest? It’s not just about the winnings

There are several contest on internet. Whether it’s free or not. We can join all of them with following the requirement. It’s very easy to join every contest which is published on internet. But to win it, it’s different part.

We have to do the contest with our best effort. Never think to win the contest with usual effort. There’s trick to win the contest, but sometimes luck takes the role too.

I don’t want to discuss about winning the contest, more of that there are many important things we must consider before following the contest. Some of us never though about this, but true it’s very important. First time I really didn’t pay attention to this part, I followed many contest, tried my best to win every contest, prayed for that etc. What now, I always lost. Yeah, it was true. Maybe I will call myself “loser.” But from that, I can learn something precious. These are some matters you have to consider before following the contest. Continue reading

Jakarta must be crazy

The first time I saw news about Jakarta, I wasn’t concerned about it. I though it was just like before, just another flood season. But at the second time, I really shocked. That was crazy. Even in the main city was full of water too. HI Circle Traffic was also flooded. Wow, this wasn’t another flood season like I had though before. This was really terrible.

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