Contest? It’s not just about the winnings

There are several contest on internet. Whether it’s free or not. We can join all of them with following the requirement. It’s very easy to join every contest which is published on internet. But to win it, it’s different part.

We have to do the contest with our best effort. Never think to win the contest with usual effort. There’s trick to win the contest, but sometimes luck takes the role too.

I don’t want to discuss about winning the contest, more of that there are many important things we must consider before following the contest. Some of us never though about this, but true it’s very important. First time I really didn’t pay attention to this part, I followed many contest, tried my best to win every contest, prayed for that etc. What now, I always lost. Yeah, it was true. Maybe I will call myself “loser.” But from that, I can learn something precious. These are some matters you have to consider before following the contest.

1. Are you expert on the topic?

Consider again your background and your knowledge. Do you really know what you should do with the contest. Are you new on the topic of the contest? If you think you aren’t used with the topic, don’t take the contest. You will just waste your energy to learn more and more about the topic first. And I assure you won’t do the contest well because of your knowledges of the topic. So, you must be a selective person. Don’t take the contest just because you have time to do it. If you have time, you should do more valuable thing than doing this. Be a wise man, and save your time. It’s different if you want to learn the topic indeed. You may do that, but don’t wish to be a winner.

2. What is your main purpose?

Are you in a journey of trying everything new? If you’re so, I recommend you to follow every contest, so you can learn many things. But, if you are in a target of winning the contest, consider again, what is your main purpose? Winning the contest isn’t a goal, but it’s the way to achieve your goal. So, what is your goal? Money? a cup? respect? That’s right, all of them are the goal. Some people do contest to get money, respect, experience etc. No, it’s not a mistake hoping some of them, but remember, it’s not just about that.

3. What is contest main goal?

The previous part, it’s about your goal, now the contest goal. Why does the contest committee make the contest? We must look carefully before decide to follow the contest. Is this contest really useful for us and many people? Or they just take the advantages from that. Look carefully who organizes the contest. Are they trusted? You may meet scam contest if you aren’t careful. Serious contest must have a clear goal and known committee. Remember, an indistinct goal of contest can also be organized by known and trusted committee such as a corporation or institution, so be careful again before following, if the contest doesn’t have useful goal, it’s just wasting your time. At least the contest can improve your skill or your knowledge. If the contest still doesn’t fulfill that too, leave it.

4. Your criteria

We have view of many things, off course in joining the contest too. We can judge this is good or bad from our each view. Everyone has their each view and criteria. So, not just the contest that has the criteria, we also have it. It’s about our ideologist. Sometimes many contests force us to do something first, like joining their group, put their banner, even to do promotion for them with over propagandist, are all of these needed? It’s up to you to judge it. But for me, I have my own criteria, if it’s excessive, I won’t follow the contest. It’s okay if it’s just about introducing our self with joining their group, filling their form, but if we are forced to do more like promoting them excessively, it’s not our job to do that.

So, it’s really not just about the winnings. Consider again your goal, your criteria, and the advantage you can take from following the contest. With that, you can be a true winner, even you’re not winning the contest. Be a wise contestant. This is just a simple explanation of my experience, so do other research if you want to know more about the contest.

Leave the comment below and share your view or experience.

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