Jakarta must be crazy

The first time I saw news about Jakarta, I wasn’t concerned about it. I though it was just like before, just another flood season. But at the second time, I really shocked. That was crazy. Even in the main city was full of water too. HI Circle Traffic was also flooded. Wow, this wasn’t another flood season like I had though before. This was really terrible.

source: http://media.viva.co.id/thumbs2/2013/01/18/188690_banjir-lumpuhkan-jakarta-utara_663_382.jpg

I read and watched news about Jakarta more and more. And I found that this was 5 year flood cycle. But what made me more worried that this was just the opening because final rain would come on February and March. It would become more often too and the rain intensity would higher than the first time. I was worried Jakarta would be worse.

Sumber: http://us.images.detik.com/content/2013/01/17/157/aribundaranhi1.jpg

This was not about channel, embankment, or other technical system. This was more complex now. It’s true that this can’t be handled even by new governor Jokowi. Who can stop the nature? There are so many mistake in Jakarta. Jakarta had been left to grow haphazardly. And what now? It’s so mess. But what’s done is done. There’s no point to regret. We have to focus in solving the problems in Jakarta.

First about the flood. Recently new governor introduced new system to solve the flood problem. That was versatile tunnel which can be used for transportation beside for water distribution plan. But it can be realized in four or five years again, and so the cost to build this tunnel was so expensive.  And again the full considerable study of this project has not been held yet, so for this time this mega project may not be realized.  Resident must wait for along time again. It’s true that there’s no instant solution which can be done in several month. Flood can also be solved with holistic solution. It can’t be solved in a piece of settlement. It need to be settled in a fully solution.

Sumber: http://assets.kompas.com/data/photo/2013/01/09/0930587-terowongan-multifungsi-620X310.jpg

As the main object is to hold the flow of water that is called “run off.” At this time, all the rainfall from high place like Bogor and others flows directly to Jakarta.

Sumber: https://ajikinai.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/peta2bjabodetabek.jpg?w=300

To minimize the water flow, Bogor must keep as much as rainfall in it. Why at this time can’t Bogor do that? Because of the population. Bogor must be reforested to increase the ability of the land in absorbing water rainfall. And so for other high place around Jakarta.

Sumber: http://assets.kompas.com/data/photo/2011/10/04/2318506620X310.jpg
Second, Jakarta must have better water distribution system. It also has to be free from trash and other things which will decrease the capability. The water system should empty to the sea yet in the north side. Building new tunnel is also required for better results.

These are just simple solution that can be done for the first aid. There are many problems to be solved again. And it really can’t be finish in one or two year. It needs more time. But if we don’t do anything to make everything better, Jakarta will have been worse in five or ten years again. Who knows Jakarta may be sink. But we should always pray for better condition in Jakarta. Amin

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