Have you ever fought for something that you really want. Something that makes you wake up with full energy everyday, makes your life so colorful, puts a smile upon your face, it’s like everything that you need more than anything. No.. you don’t even need any single thing, cause you already have that thing.

You know clearly how it is so hard to be chased, but you don’t care. You just believe that someday you will be able to hold it, touch it, have it. You know how you will feel the pain of chasing it. You know exactly what the barriers that will make troubles to your path. You know everything. But again, you don’t care. Only one thing that you bearly keep in your mind and heart, that you are for it.

But then, suddenly it disappears, fades away from you. The thing that is exist now gone. You lost it forever. And it won’t come back to you anymore.

You lost your most important thing in your life. You feel heartbreak. And everything is died for you. Your life ruins.

You lost your path. Everything that you have now breaks into thousand parts. You don’t know where to go, either to come back. You lost in your journey. The only map that you have is your heart which always tells you to believe, keep strong, fight and go for that thing. Now, your map has broken hardly.

You cry, you fall.

You really miss that thing. You are definitely miss everyday that you have with all rainbow and colors. Now your life is black and white.

You cry, you fall.

Time will speak for your pain. Time will take care of you.

You cry, you fall.

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