Contest? It’s not just about the winnings

There are several contest on internet. Whether it’s free or not. We can join all of them with following the requirement. It’s very easy to join every contest which is published on internet. But to win it, it’s different part.

We have to do the contest with our best effort. Never think to win the contest with usual effort. There’s trick to win the contest, but sometimes luck takes the role too.

I don’t want to discuss about winning the contest, more of that there are many important things we must consider before following the contest. Some of us never though about this, but true it’s very important. First time I really didn’t pay attention to this part, I followed many contest, tried my best to win every contest, prayed for that etc. What now, I always lost. Yeah, it was true. Maybe I will call myself “loser.” But from that, I can learn something precious. These are some matters you have to consider before following the contest. Continue reading