Waiting for The Miracle

Hope, a word that contains so many meaning. It can be a powerfull word, or may become a dead loss. Sometimes we hope for a really impossible thing. No no no, I said “impossible,” but the fact is everything can be possible. Who nows? We can’t guess what will happen next.

We as a human should do what we can do and hope for a better tomorrow. We can hope and dream everything we want, no one will stop us. Life is our choice. We make our plan, and than the miracle will answer whether it will happen or won’t.

That is miracle. Someone believes in that, others don’t. World is full of mystery. As far as human civilization, many things can’t be revealed, though. A miracle is just like a hope. When you hope for something, you believe that it can be true, and you pray with your God, Allah SWT, miracle will come to you. And you can”t imagine what has happened at the time, because it’s just like impossible, but it happens. Someday you will experience it.

Hope, believe and do your best, waiting for a moment and miracle will come.


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