Play Old Games, It’s better

When I get bored, the best solution is playing games. At previous time, when I was  still high schooler, playing games was the important thing for me, it bacame essential need for my daily life,hahaha. No day if no games. Games made me addictive with them. But nowadays, I feel like a foolish man to play games. No time for that dull thing.

No more games, first time it made me frustrating. But day by day passed, I accustomed to it. I could pass my daily life with no game. haha

And now I get bored again, this time I really need to refresh my brain. Game is the really solution. What game? We must made the best use of it. Playing game also studying something. Yeah, a little educate game. And also simple, not too exhausting us. Really, this is my solution:

I search on internet for this game. This is interest game. Like other Maxis games, this is the simulation game. You can learn something when you play this game. You can learn how to manage the town, and other things. Why must this old game? It because my PC is still low res..ahahaha Playing this game doesn’t make my PC work too hard.

Do you want to try it too? Happy playing folks!!!

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