70 thoughts on “My Art Today – Dec, 20th 2009

    • oh, so that’s why you was late to reply,,, hehe be a good boy at church ya?,, hm, i don’t celebrate Christmas, but, happy Christmas for you. Hey, i’m in hurry to go to my collage now, so i will comment again after i get home. Why don’t you make new article on your blog..woooow,i wonder what it will be about…hihihi :mrgreen:

  1. selamat pagi, bang Ajikinai

    kok kita bisa SENASIB begini ya ?? 😕
    berada dalam FREKUENSI KEBOSANAN yang sama.
    sungguh terlalu.
    uuuwwooooooooohhhhhhh !!!! 😡

    terima kasih dan mohon maaf 😮

  2. Uhuhu,
    Already being a huge fan 0f u!
    U did such a gr8 j0b, br0..
    Bisa bNEr y,
    Mau juga, aBLE T0 DRaw.. Like urS..

    Emg ft0 dbwah lAMpu mEJa apaan?

  3. This is the food I have for trade. If you want it please click on my name for my website and comment on my trading with what you want and what you want to trade for it. Thanks!

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    Chocolate Eggs (9)
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    Leopard PSF
    Samoyed PSF
    Eagle PSF
    Purple Monster PSF
    A+ Soda
    Peppermint Reindeer PSF (2)
    Gummy Zum
    Blue Goggles PSF
    Meteor Cookies (2)
    Lava Dragon PSF
    Signature Raccoon PSF (4)
    Canary PSF
    Clown Fish PSF
    Blue Tiggerfish PSF
    Star Cookies (2)
    Moon Cookie
    Mocha Pup PSF
    Alyssa Cookie
    Caterpillar PSF
    Charm Candy
    Apple Cider (2)
    Butternut Squashes (7)
    Yummy Tummy Tumble (5)
    Gooseberry Pie (50)
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    Love Dino (2)
    Witch’s Brew Soda
    Marshmallow Eyeballs
    Fruity Fang
    Bat Bar
    PB&J Chocowhich
    Magic W Lolly
    Zum Toffees (3)
    Tart Terrors (3)
    Yorkie PSF
    Turkey Stuffing (2)
    Pumpkin Pie (3)
    Wish Candy Canes (5)
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    Berribrite Blasts (2)
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