51 thoughts on “My Art Today – Dec, 7th 09

    • indonesian…hehe do you know it?
      But, i had been happy you didn’t care about it, i mean you did comment on my writing even you got struck to understand it..this made me happy…thank you so much…

      • Your welcome I don’t care about languages I want to relate to people like u.
        U are an awesome writer keep doing what u do. Ignore the people that say that your language is stupid follow your dreams.

  1. Well it was a compliment but who cares!!!
    By the way I do live in Duluth and I already have my wings. There 5ft long.
    But nobody believes me.
    It’s really hard to believe because I don’t have wings I have chicken wings.
    But if I had wings I would fly up to u and talk.
    Were do u live?
    Also how old are u?

    • Hahaha i’m in Palembang, Indonesia. I’m 18 years old, still young??haha
      You’ll just fall to the ocean,haha we’re so far, though…
      hm, what time is it at your state? here, the time is about 00:18 am, haha i didn’t sleep yet, yeah…like always, i do sleep late everyday…

  2. It’s really good. These kids are genetic experiments who are 2% bird. They run around and have to save the world from the people who created them. It’s one of my favorite series.

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