Thank You Very Much

Huhuhuhuhuhu… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’m not satisfied with this, because i cut some scene, i made it more simple and faster… but, yeah…this is my best shoot…!

Have Fun..!

Oh yeah, this is my hand drawing…hehe I didn’t have any idea again.. This idea was from my friend too, she said, “just make it with movie maker….” When i heard this, i got an idea to make “movie comic…” haha

“Happy Thanksgiving Day”

Contest on: Video Contest: Giving Thanks

24 thoughts on “Thank You Very Much

    selamat pagi
    sama kayak mbak Tary, gak bisa lihat videonya.
    tapi kalau melihat dari konsep yang kau tulis,
    kayaknya keren tuh.
    semoga bisa menang dan dapat hadiahnya ya ๐Ÿ™„
    terima kasih dan mohon maaf ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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  3. Ajikinai, can u tell your friends to check out my blog.

    It would help me allot, by the way. How did u get that video on your blog?

    It’s really funny.

    If I got to choose the ratings I put it to 5 stars.

    Chears Ajikinai.

    • hahaha,, well that’s exactly my original video…I made it…
      Ha? you would give it 5 stars rank…??hohoho it’s an honor for me. I thought that video was simple and not too good, hm…the changes of each picture is too short… yeah, at first it was not like that. But, that video was for thanksgiving contest and the WP team asked to make video under 30 second… So, I made it shorter…
      haha i was really really not satisfied with that… :mrgreen:

    • hey, i’m here…don’t you go to church today?hehe sori, i just opened my blog… yeah, it’s morning,but for me it’s night…haha 180 degrees different… Did you just get up?what about your sleep?wasn’t it fun?

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